4 New Ways To Consciously & Deliberately Share Your Talents With The World Online

The increase in online activity following COVID presents the opportunity for leaders to elevate their personal brand and tell their story – to have a voice.

Here are 4 ways to consciously and deliberately share your talents with the world online.

1     Write content.  

Promote your work or the causes you are passionate about by starting a blog, writing an eBook, publishing articles, or contributing to thought-leadership discussions. It shows you know your industry and offers the valuable opportunity to share your personal experience and perspective.

2     Host online events. 

Design and launch recorded or live and interactive webinars, workshops, or meet-ups. It’s a great way to build trust and likeability as people connect with the ‘real you’, and build a community of loyal followers and prospective clients.

3     Seek out opportunities to be interviewed. 

Appearing as a guest or interviewee for someone else’s blogs, podcasts, videos or webinars is a way to promote your work in a conversational way, and introduces you to new and broader communities. By association of the interviewer, you’ll also gain immediate credibility and influence as an expert in your field.

4     Be a voice of positivity and optimism.

No, it won’t be for everyone. But as a leader or business owner with a voice, you are in a unique and responsible position to positively influence others during these uncertain times. Your positivity, wisdom and optimism will help others to proactively navigate their lives and speaks to your insight, confidence, strength, and courage.

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Written By Michaela Betchley

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