Coaching with Michaela changed me both professionally and personally. She is a fantastic listener, passionate about what she does and as a result challenges clients with sharp questions that make you dig deep and think differently. I’ll be forever grateful for the impact Michaela had on my life.

Jaimee Rogers

News/Sports Presenter | MC

I feel lucky to have had access to such an outstanding executive coach.

Andrew Boyagi

Senior Technical Evangelist, Atlassian

The coaching experience with Michaela was emotional, liberating, challenging, and life changing.

Andy Duckett

Head of Product Management and Recruitment, Canva

I never thought I’d say this, but I now feel energised and excited about this stuff!
I really love my new image – I feel like I am finally dressing in a way that suits my personality! Yet still able to engage rather than scare my clients!

Connie Henson

Managing Director and Author, Learning Quest

I always considered the use of an image consult as a personal luxury I couldn’t afford to indulge in (or perhaps that I didn’t deserve). Little did I realise that this process and Michaela’s guidance, insights and perspective would change the way I feel about myself so completely.

Lisa Coletta

Corporate Secretary, Sydney Water

I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Michaela sponsored by my workplace, her messages regarding personal branding, and the impact of a first impression really made sense. We had two sessions working together, and her feedback on personal style and her pragmatic approach to my work wardrobe has increased my confidence in a range of work situations. I would highly recommend her services.

Deirdre Barnes

Operations Manager, University of Technology

Michaela was extremely well prepared and engaging. She effectively combined serious content with humour and personal stories to deliver a clear message to staff about the importance of Personal Branding and visual appearance. She comes highly recommended from PayPal as an excellent guest speaker.

Emma Alcock

Operations Manager, Paypal

Working with Michaela has been a life changing experience for me…
I feel amazing. This experience has given me a lot more confidence in my day to day life, I now not only feel like a director of a successful business but feel happy in my own body.

Karen James

Director, Here Coworking

Together we have strengthened my brand and I have seen immediate positive impacts in both my personal and professional career. Michaela has such a beautiful way of allowing people’s natural beauty to shine through, our work together has been quite literally life changing.

Paula Kensington


Michaela is an exceptional leader and coach, with the ability to inspire incredibly high performance and genuine engagement from those she works with.
Her passion for excellence and alignment to values-driven leadership is unparalleled.Her influence has been the most impactful of my career.

General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Michaela coached me at an important juncture in my career. Her coaching has helped me be comfortable taking on a leadership role in a way that suits me and my leadership style. She brings challenge and empathy to our sessions. I came to see the coaching sessions as an investment in me and my career and time very well spent!

Mona Bhan

Risk Consulting & Software Leader, Willis Towers Watson

Michaela has a wealth of diverse international experience that can be leveraged for success and invests her time to help you build your own tool kit for finding solutions and making decisions. She has made a believer in coaching out of me, and it is now the cornerstone of my leadership style.

Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank

We engaged Michaela to present to our company conference on Visual Impact, following a recommendation. Our team can be a tough audience with high expectations. Michaela absolutely met and surpassed those expectations with a highly engaging and informative session. It was also a lot of fun and had something for everyone. I would highly recommend Michaela to any company, or individual, who wants to explore the area of creating impact through their visual presentation.

John Baker

Group Managing Director, The Next Group

I now feel more confident and relaxed at the same time. No longer do I stress about what I am wearing to work. I now understand what styles really suit me, how they differentiate from each other, and how to make them work for me and my lifestyle. Letting go of all the items that don’t work for me was like having a weight lifted off my shoulders! I also enjoyed the fact that any good work clothes I was disposing off went to a good cause as Michaela was easily able to donate them to Dress For Success.

Jackie Callaway

Group Financial Controller, Brambles

Michaela really helped me drill down into the key areas I needed help with order to improve my confidence. Throughout the whole process she was gentle, supportive, (firm when she needed to be!) and committed to getting the right outcomes. Michaela exceeds all expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to change how they feel about themselves, improve their confidence, or hit specific objectives related to their image. Thank you Michaela!

Georgie Duckworth

Manager, The Executive Connection

Michaela’s knowledge, passion and dedication is second to none. My corporate image was in need of a refresh, but I also learnt so much about myself throughout the process. Michaela coached me on how to project confidence and authenticity.
I felt like a million bucks on stage and I was able to connect with my audience on a whole new level, something which I know I would not have been able to do on my own previously. If you have a role where your professional image really counts, you need to meet Michaela.

Leesa Tongoulidis

Organisational Development and Culture Manager, Canon

I now have a better idea of what suits me best and the confidence to choose combinations and colours to achieve this goal. I was amazed at how easy you made the shopping for me! Plus I’m already getting amazingly positive feedback from people who know me well – I look better!

Deborah Burt

Coach, Facilitator & Mediator, Leadership Development Consultancy

I wanted to polish my personal presentation as I am increasingly working with CEOs and Board members. I wanted to feel confident that I was having the right impact at a senior level. Michaela is insightful and empathetic. She has an excellent process to which she brings a trained eye and has an exceptional work ethic. On top of all this Michaela is simply a delightful, honest, respectful and warm human being.

Deborah Lucas

Partner, Omera Partners

Michaela is a very engaging and thoughtful leader. She empowers individuals to take control of their first impression and be more conscious and deliberate about their personal brand. In times where we are inundated by information and need to make quick decisions, Michaela cuts through issues to extract the most pertinent changes we can make to be more successful. On a personal note I have found her to be great to work with and very generous with sharing her knowledge.

Danica Burns

HR Business Partner, Equifax

Michaela is a master at her craft and she provided me with a meaningful and practical roadmap to fine tune my professional image and presence. She did this in a way that reinforced my authentic self while sharpening my brand.
Her suggestions have been carried through to my personal life where they have also had a positive impact. Thank you Michaela

Craig Roy

Chairman of the Board, Silex Systems

Michaela worked with my resistance, and provided wheelbarrows full of warmth and positivity. I cannot recommend this process or Michaela more strongly. From beginning to end it was educational, supportive and delightful, one of the best investments I have made in my professional career.

Charity Becker

Director, Becker Consulting Group

Michaela was superb from start to finish. She is the consumate professional, immediately making me feel at ease with an eye for detail, and imparting knowledge with a big smile and lots of humour.

Libby McDermott

Operations Manager, ESL Biosciences Australia

Most importantly, I feel that this work with Michaela has helped me shift my own sense of professionalism upward, which then has the same effect on others around me and those that I meet.

Blare Sutton

Partner, McGrathNicol

Great presentation with strong message, yet delivered in the most captivating way. Team exercise was excellent to take back to work.

Michelle Francis


The workshop was very engaging. It is a great idea to do these sorts of things to empower women and develop skills for career progression.

Shelby Kostroa

Credit Control Officer, Reece Group

Absolutely fabulous. Michaela is so knowledgeable and engaging.

Jenny Sparks

Tasmanian Collection Service, General Manager

Knowing the value of first impressions and facing a period of career transition, I engaged Michaela for an executive image consultation. I can’t recommend her highly enough and have referred her to my family members, friends and professional associates.

Julia Chaplin

Chief Risk Officer, HCF

This is already making a significant difference. I’ve had numerous, positive comments in the last few weeks, including my sons who said I look like a “movie star” when going to work last week.


IT Executive, ANZ

I was so apprehensive. But from the moment I met Michaela, I felt safe. She has a wonderful combination of technical image and coaching skills. She is warm and engaging, but she’ll challenge where she needs to – and I certainly needed some of that! My confidence has soared and people around me have noticed a visual and behavioural change. I’m finally embracing who I am. If you’re looking for a coaching style and an inside-out approach to change, don’t think twice about engaging with Michaela.


General Manager, Property Industry

I loved the shopping trip and just being in one private spot to trying on everything, and being encouraged to try different styles and brands. Also having my personal colour swatch to take away with me. I hope I took all the tips and ideas in!


Executive Assistant, SUNCORP

Michaela is an exceptional coach. In reflecting on my time working with her, it was a period of healthy challenge, stretch targets, self-awareness and development.
She has an unmatched ability to emotionally connect with you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself you can be.


Graduate, Ernst & Young

Thank you very much Michaela, the coaching sessions were excellent and I feel that I made even more progress than I expected to going into the process.
I’ve enjoyed the path of each session and discovering new opportunities to make changes that will have a big impact.

Chief Marketing Officer, Future Super


A big thank you for your relentlessness! It was a huge task and I can’t believe we managed to get it all done in one day. It’s great going into the wardrobe and knowing that everything there works for me.

Partner, Omera Partners