Imagine having 100% confidence in your people to powerfully and consistently represent your organisation’s identity and protect its reputation…

In this digital age, where brands and individuals alike are under the constant scrutiny of public perception, it is more important than ever for your leaders and teams to be aligned with the values and culture of your organisation. Alignment which is expressed visually, behaviourally, and verbally – online and in person.

Your people are your strongest voice and your most important asset, and the first impressions they make can be the difference between failure and success when it comes to the perception of your brand, products, and services.

Do your people consistently embody the values, products, and services of your organisation and help you stand out from your competitors?

I show

your people how customer perceptions of them as individuals can alter the perceived value of your products and services, affect your reputation, influence the customer decision-making process, and impact their personal career progression.

I demonstrate

the power of a first impression for opening doors, or slamming them shut, and how people make up their minds in the blink of an eye.

I motivate & inspire

your people to see their professional image as a fantastic opportunity to enhance your organisation’s reputation and identity, increase their confidence, influence, and impact, and ultimately create greater opportunities for themselves as individuals and for your organisation.

How do I work?

As a speaker and facilitator, my work is targeted to current and emerging leaders, customer facing teams, entrepreneurs, and those in the public eye, with a focus on the compelling combination of four verbal and non-verbal components of a professional imprint:

Appearance | Behaviour | Communication | Digital Footprint

Every industry, every organisation, and every individual is unique. Every situation is different and requires a tailored approach. Together, we’ll build a customised keynote, presentation, or workshop to suit your specific needs, aligned with your cultural values and business strategy.

Using contemporary concepts and principles, my content is always backed by science and research, highly interactive, and designed to encourage thought, discussion and fun. I have walked in your people’s shoes, and I draw from my corporate career and executive coaching skills to share real-life examples and stories, delivering what is often considered a sensitive topic with a good balance of purpose and sensitivity.

Keynotes, presentations, and workshops can be delivered in person or live and interactive online.


Our team can be a tough audience with high expectations. Michaela absolutely met and surpassed those expectations with a highly engaging and informative session. It was also a lot of fun and had something for everyone.

John Baker
Group Managing Director,
The Next Group​