Image Consulting



The Packages

I currently offer one package, with three optional add-ons. And I work with the best technology the global image industry has to offer, which enables me to successfully deliver all my services virtually or in person (excludes Brand Photoshoot).

The Discover, Declutter and Dress Me Package

Here’s what’s included:

In-depth Discovery Consultation

Explore and determine your personal and business brand, and ensure authentic and accurate alignment with your visual appearance. Discover and understand your unique style preferences, and how to enhance your best assets.

Comprehensive Colour Consultation

Using a 15-dimension colour system and draping process, uncover your signature colours, and how and when to wear them for different occasions, audiences and desired outcomes.

Business Wardrobe

A wardrobe overhaul to clear the clutter, revamp hidden treasures, and ensure your attire successfully serves your brand and career goals. Unwanted or unsuitable clothing is removed and donated to Dress for Success.


Which I complete in advance, visiting stores, selecting and reserving clothing and accessories that best meet your needs, maximising your valuable time on the day.

Curated Shopping

Accompany me for a pain-free, curated shopping trip packed with style and colour hints and tips that work for your unique body type, style persona, and professional image goals.

Luxury Styling Suite

A private, spacious and luxurious styling suite away from the crowds and the queues, so you can relax. Includes complimentary refreshments.

State of the Art Digital Lookbook

Unlimited business outfits are created and cataloged for every business scenario and occasion, and uploaded to your private and exclusive digital Lookbook. Simply browse and select which look meets your professional goals for that day.

Brand Coaching
optional add-on

You know that your image is so much more than your appearance alone and you want to reach your highest potential with consistent and sustained impact. Beyond the insights, tools and techniques gained from the Discover, Declutter and Dress Me package, you’ll receive private coaching sessions with me, where we’ll review your behavioural and communication style, and digital footprint, and create a targeted action plan to bridge any gaps that might be holding you back from making the impact you desire.



Here’s what’s included:

Plus three 90-minute private coaching sessions: in this optional add-on we’ll review and build strategies for enhancing and aligning the B C (+D) of your professional image – behaviour, communication and digital footprint.

Brand Photoshoot
optional add-on

Expand your personal and professional branding reach with impactful photographic images that capture the true essence of you – images that you will love. In consultation with you, I will curate your looks for the photoshoot in your private digital Lookbook, ensuring suitability and alignment to your personal and professional branding goals, targeted social media platforms, and marketing collateral. For the photoshoot itself, I will be at your side throughout, guiding and coaching you to build confidence, feel at ease, and deliver an enjoyable experience. And, if you require it, I’ll support you with your image selection following your photoshoot.



Here’s what’s included:

Plus a fully curated and directed 4-hour photoshoot: this optional add-on includes professional hair and makeup artist, professional photographer and 20 fully edited images, and private studio space.

Virtual Impact Coaching optional add-on

Virtual communication is here to stay. But the rules for communicating and engaging effectively and with lasting impact in a virtual setting are different from in-person. In this virtual coaching session, you’ll learn what those rules are and how to apply them. Enhance your impact, interact and engage more effectively, and leave a lasting positive impression in a virtual setting.



Here’s what’s included:

Plus one 90-minute private virtual coaching session: in this optional add-on we’ll review and build strategies for enhancing your virtual impact – how you appear, behave, and communicate on camera online.